Zeppoleme Brings Coffee, Panini, and Zeppole to Port Chester, NY

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Update:  Zeppoleme is now open.  Please check out our review!

Zeppole are perhaps one of the greatest gifts given to humanity, just one rung below fire and internet memes. Dough balls, deep fried, then sprinkled with sugar. They bring back memories of Dan sitting around his grandma’s table, devouring zeppola (the singular form of course) after zeppola, making sure to rub in more powdered sugar all over.   Or, it’s hard to forget the countless Italian feasts that we’ve been to with the scent of zeppole and sausage in the air.  Yeah, it’s awesome to be Italian…or to be married to one, or to be dating one, or to know one, or to pretend to be one.


All this talk of zeppole is killing us…you hungry yet? Don’t worry! Getting zeppole will be a whole helluva lot easier starting in a few weeks at Zeppoleme (same owners of Nessa next door) in Port Chester, just over the border of Greenwich. First off, you will be able to get some sweet fried dough in two forms:

  1. Classic:  the original, sprinkled with your choice of powdered sugar, granulated sugar, and/or cinnamon
  2. Modern:  they take the original, then fold in ricotta, making it light and fluffy


Then you’ll want to dip these in one of their four sauces:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Creme
  3. Berry
  4. Caramel


Don’t feel like having something sweet? No problem. They will have savory zeppole made with your choice of ricotta, other cheeses, herbs, vegetables, and other farm fresh ingredients. Also, they will have nice pressed panini if you want something more substantial.  But, let’s not forget about the coffee! What a perfect breakfast combo: zeppole and coffee. We feel all warm and happy inside just thinking about all the time that we are going to spend here. Yeah, life isn’t so bad as long as you’ve got some fried dough and caffeine laced drinks.


They’ll be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and will feature an indoor and outdoor garden to chill out in.  And, winos, you need not despair…there will be plenty of the good stuff on the menu too.  This is one restaurant opening that can’t come soon enough for us!  We’re so serious, we’ll even work nights and weekends there, getting it ready.  Hook up some fellow paesanos!


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