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We all have heard of and enjoyed the savory Italian dishes of Nessa restaurant in Port Chester. Located directly down the street from the train track bridge of downtown PC, Nessa has provided a menu to die for for ages. But over the years there has been one menu item in specific that people from all over the county have visited just for:


As the affinity for these fried dough sprinkled with sugar treats has grown in bundles, so have the suggestions to open a place that JUST serves them. Well, as fate would have it, Nessa decided to do just that. Soon to be opening Zeppoleme (LOVE the name) conveniently located right next door to Nessa will serve zeppoles (obvi), paninis, wine/beer and more. Unique, one of a kind Zeppole options and Stumpgump coffee are among the many traits that differentiate this highly exciting new hot spot to be.


With a convenient layout there is both indoor and outdoor seating tucked in between both restaurants. Lined with beautiful ferns and plantery (yes I made that word up) the opening of Zeppoleme shines light on this hidden oasis in Port Chester that some may not even know of. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Zeppoleme and Nessa are THE #1 PC destination in my GG new resty’s list.


As if the sentiment of Zeppoles and paninis, Italian dishes and wine weren’t enough to lure you in, the not-overly-crowded outdoor seating setup leads you down a peaceful and plush pathway, detailed with birdhouses (made by the owners father) that decorate the vines to the traditional game of Batchi court. Yes, there is actually a full in batchi court! With separate side tables for participants and cheering onlookers, something in me tells me I will be frequenting this hidden oasis on a way too regular basis. From morning to night, Zeppolme offers a little something for everyone.


As the menu continues to intrigue my palette and the daily progress of its construction nears completion, I must confess that daily drive bys have become a part of my weekly routine. While they are just seconds away from opening, be sure to mark your calendar for its magnificent, must attend opening.


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